Louis Sullivan said, “Form follows function.” He was wrong. By starting with great designs we push beyond the boundaries of possibility. The result is software that’s wondrous and intuitively obvious.


Great technical accomplishments push humanity forward and make the world a better place. Good execution is as important as a good idea. Visionary designs demand cutting edge technology to bring them to life.


Life’s little problems melt away when someone is there to lend a helping hand. Great support is knowledgeable, accessible, courteous and proactive. Anything less is unacceptable.


  • “You helped us out every step of the way, from posting our event listings to running our will calls. Their services have been indispensable.”

    – Pasquale Rotela, Insomniac Events

  • “You re on call when ever I need something, and are totally equipped to handle everything from an intimate club night to a huge event. Choosing Flavorus is a no-brainer.”

    – Donnie Espinoza, Disco

  • “Hands down: You offer the best customer service in the business. Your system is incredibly easy to use, and your dedication to making sure our customers are happy has really paid off.”

    – Jim Murphy – CEO, Clear Channel Radio

  • “We were immediately drawn to your low prices. You look around out there and other ticketing companies charge way too much for half the service.”

    – Brad Roulier, Beta

  • “If you are serious about producing a successful event, you have to have great promotion. I have no doubt that you have generated increased ticket sales for our events again and again.”

    – Matty Hazelgrove, Bamp Production

  • “I’ve been promoting events for over 15 years, I’ve dealt with many ticketing companies. None offer the same level of service. You rock!”

    – Reza Gerami, Go Ventures Inc.