How-to: Customer Dashboard


When they set up an account with Flavorus, customers will log-on to a Customer Dashboard, a personal profile of sorts, that keeps track of all their past purchases, offers them additional tickets that may interest them, and encourages them to share their purchases on social media. As a Client, you also have a Customer Dashboard associated with your personal account that you can use should you ever wish to buy tickets to events available on Flavorus. See our chart below to learn more about the different sections and features of the Customer Dashboard. EVENT DASHBOARD
1. This section offers details about recent past purchases, including order number for reference purposes and a direct link to the Event Page. Customers can click “Full Purchase History” at the top to see all their purchases. 2. Our social media buttons make it easy for customers to let friends know what events they’re attending. They can share purchase details on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, send an email to a friend or add the event to their calendar. 3. Here’s a handy link if you’re interested in creating your first event. All you have to do is click here to get started selling tickets. See our how-to on Ticket Sales here for more information on this process. 4. This section offers customers events that may appeal to them based on past purchases. If they are logged into Facebook, this section also suggests events that their Facebook friends are attending. 5. When a customer is logged into Facebook, this section provides updates related to Facebook friends who also use Flavorus. If a customer is not logged into Facebook, this section encourages them to do so.

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