Customers Select Their Own Seats

They'll get the seats they want every time with our custom seating charts.

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  • Let’s build a seating chart
    It’s incredibly simple. Bring us your venue seating map and pricing details, and we’ll get to work creating your custom chart. The best part? The build process takes less than a week.
  • Make it three-dimensional
    Upload photos of your venue from different vantage points so customers can see the actual view of the stage from their chosen seats before purchasing them.
  • Adjust charts for specific events
    We design our seating chart with flexibility in mind. You’ll have customization power: assign ticket types to different venue sections, set on-sale timers, add custom fees, even set delivery methods.
  • Use your seating chart on-site
    With our web-based box office and a monitor screen, you can also use your chart for walk-up customers. Let them handpick their preferred spot or just go with a “best available” option. They’ll have assigned seats in minutes.

Assigned seating for all!

Because our seating system is so customizable, it’s suitable for any venue from playhouses to stadiums. For more information, check out this case study.

You’re the boss.

Unlike other ticketing systems, Flavorus allows you to create seated event listings yourself–without having to wait for someone else to build them. Contact us to set up assigned seating for your venue or event.