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Everyone’s talking about social media. We’ve actually done something about it. Our website integrates social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into the ticketing process. Here’s how:
  • Word-of-mouth modernized.
    We’ve posted share buttons everywhere. Yes, everywhere. With one click, customers can share events they’re attending or want to attend, Eventopia news items, even comment threads using Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Add to that our live Instagram feed, and event news spreads fast.
  • Customized event recommendations Using information gathered from social media, we tailor event recommendations to our customers’ interests. They’ll see events that appeal to them based on past purchases and also on friends’ purchases, comments, and Facebook “likes.”

Facebook and Eventopia

Don’t Forget to Log-in!
Our home page encourages visitors to log-in to Facebook. When they do, they’ll receive notifications as friends purchase tickets and can share their own plans without leaving the Eventopia site.

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Install our Eventopia Sales App on your Facebook account to sell tickets directly from your Facebook page! Find more information here.