Make money using the Eventopia referral programs:

There are two ways to participate in the Eventopia referral program. Choose the one that works best for you, or use them both!

New Client Referral Program

Eventopia offers a Client Referral program where you can earn money by telling your friends about Eventopia. When someone you refer signs up an event and sells tickets, we’ll keep track of how many tickets they sell. Every time the number of ticket sales from your referrals exceeds one of the the goals listed below you get paid!

  • 500 tickets - $200
  • 1000 tickets - $300
  • 2000 tickets - $700
  • 3000 tickets - $900
  • 5000 tickets - $2400 (Grand Total of $4500!)

IMPORTANT: Please ask anyone you refer to mention your name and company when they receive their introductory phone call from our Client Support department in order to qualify for this promotion and allow us to track your referral sales!

This offer is valid for sales occurring between the day the referred event is signed up to one year later. For any questions regarding this program please contact

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Event Syndication Program

Eventopia works individually with each of our partners to set up their event syndication account. For more information or to sign up, please contact us at

Here is how it works:

  • We provide a customizable RSS feed of the events listed on Eventopia
  • You choose what events to list on your website
  • When customers click the link and buy, you receive a small commission
  • Event Organizers may also offer an additional “bounty” for the sales referral

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Maximum Fee

U.S. Dollars 2.5% + $1.00 $5.00
Canadian Dollars 5.5% + CA$1.00 CA$5.00
Euros 2.5% + €0.75 €7.50
Pounds Sterling 2.5% + £0.65 £6.50
Yen 2.5% + ¥80.00 ¥800.00
Australian Dollars 2.5% + A$1.25 A$9.95
New Zealand Dollar 1.25% + NZ$1.30 NZ$15.00
No processing limits 5-minute setup
Admission control Box office cash sales
Web sales Print at home
Dynamic pricing On-sale triggers
Easy checkout Credit card sales
Automated will call Phone sales
Outlet sales Paperless ticketing
Coupons Group Discounts