How-to: White Label


We’ve made it easy for you to use widgets to embed ticket sales on your own website. Now, Eventopia also lets you customize your event page to match the design of your website (note: you’ll need to know some basic HTML and CSS to use this feature). Using white labeling, you can manipulate your event pages and client profile to mirror your site. When customers are redirected to Eventopia to purchase tickets, they’ll feel as though they never left your site. Sound appealing? Read on to get started. We’ve included screenshots to help you along–if you get lost look for this icon: dark-blue-arrow To begin, head to your Client Dashboard. You’ll find the link “White Label” in the left-hand sidebar. Click the link to sign-up for white labeling and begin customizing:
2. The “White Label” link in your dashboard will redirect you to a sign-up page. Read through additional information regarding white labeling here. Then click the red “Get Started” button to begin white labeling.
3. You can now add HTML and CSS of your Client Profile. Add relevant banners to your header or footer. Create a custom URL to make it easier for customers to find your event page and to improve your page’s SEO. Below these forms, you’ll also find a list of all your current events. Click any of these event links to white label an event page using the same methods applied to your Client profile.

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