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We’ve create special widgets that allow you to embed an event in your website. Install a widget that allows your customers to buy tickets directly from your home page or post an eye-catching button that quickly links them to your Flavorus ticket page. You can even post our event calendar on your site so that customers can see all your upcoming events by month and date! Interested? Read on to learn how to get started. We’ve included screenshots to help you along–if you get lost look for this icon: dark-blue-arrow To begin, you’ll need to have an event page already set-up. For more information on creating an event on our site, check out this how-to post. 1. Head to your Event Dashboard. On the left sidebar click the “Widgets” link:
2. All of our widgets are available here beginning with the Ticket Widget. You can navigate through the other widgets using the top tabs. But first, let’s take a look at the Ticket Widget. Like each of our widget information pages, you’ll find a preview of what a ticket widget would look like on your site. Below the preview, we’ve listed the code required to place the ticket widget on your site. Click “Copy to Clipboard” to grab the code for your site.
3. Next, click the top tab “Calendar Widget” to see an example of the Flavorus calendar you can post on your site. The Event Calendar widget offers your customers a monthly look at all of your upcoming events and includes links to all event pages. Customers an click on any event listed to be automatically redirected to where they can buy tickets. Just like the Ticket Widget page, you’ll find all the code you need to add the calendar to your site below the Event Calendar Preview image. Click “Copy to Clipboard” to quickly grab the code for embedding on your site.
4. One of our smallest widgets, our “Event Buttons” are, nonetheless, incredibly useful. Click the “Event Button” tab to take a look at some of your button options. Here you can customize buttons to fit the look of your site. Pick a button size (you’ll find examples of different button sizes below), button text (you decide! “Buy tickets here” “BUY TIX” “Hey You!” Whatever you like), text and button color. As you customize your button, you’ll be able to see a “preview” of it below the customization form. When you’re happy with the appearance of the button, copy the generated code below to add the button to your site.

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