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  • Event schedules aren’t 9 to 5.
    Your customers can email our help centre…we’ll definitely be there to help.
  • Sophisticated online support
    Our online Help Desk uses*‘s cutting edge technology to ensure responses in record-breaking time.
  • Customized help for your unique event
    Event FAQs differ according to event and venue. With this in mind, we’ve created a highly customizable support system. At Flavorus there is no “party line.” Our staff will offer clear, applicable responses to customer concerns.
  • Record turnaround on support requests
    It’s our policy: we handle all customer support the day we receive it, so your customers get the answers they need ASAP.

* is a leading online help desk solution, used by companies including Spotify and Bonobos, that gives your customers Help Desk access from anywhere–home computer, smart phone, even their iPad.