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With custom widgets and "white labeling," integrate our ticketing system without sacrificing brand identity.

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Better integrate ticketing into your brand identity using “white labeling”:

  • Replicate the flair and feel of your site design on event listings.
    Customize your Eventopia event page to match your company style, creating a streamlined effect you’ll love.
  • Or keep customers on your web property.
    Embed our tickets sales system into your website using custom widgets. No redirects, no reloads, no confusion.

Take a look at white labeling in action:



Grand Central

What’s the deal with white labeling?

We’re so glad you asked. Here’s a quick explanation:

The term “white label” applies to a product created by one company (Eventopia) that another company (You) rebrands to match its aesthetic. Example: We’ll create a white label event page on our site that you can modify to match your brand identity. When customers follow a link from your website to ours, it’s like they never left you–right down to color schemes and logos.

Interesting fact: The term “white label” originally applied to vinyl records. Before public release, labels would send promotional records to DJs, often before artwork was finalized. These white labelled records were then given air time, increasing public interest and media buzz before release.